Our small city area kitchens are a committed expression of our self-understanding as a family. They give us the chance to maintain close contact and ongoing interaction with children, parents, and caregivers. We do not regard anyone – whether the children or our employees – as numbers, but instead appreciate them as human beings with multifaceted personalities, wishes, and needs. We see ourselves as one large family in which everyone cooks together. Our name? Cook Family!

Nicole Cook

Nutrition Counselor

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is better known as Nicole Mündelein-Pinks and studied nutrition science at the Christian Albrechts University of Kiel. As she is a nutrition counselor certified by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung (German Society for Nutrition), a qualified social education worker, and a mother, she knows exactly what comprises the essential components of a healthy diet for our children. Nicole maintains close contact to children, parents, and caregivers on our behalf. She gives talks in kindergartens, conducts group cooking courses for parents, and counsels providers and institutions on issues related to good nutrition for our young generation. If Nicole has a few free moments when she is not working for the Cook family, she is happy to relax to the sounds of good music.
“When children are loved and enjoy a healthy and balanced diet, they blossom and grow to the sky”

Don Cook

Inventor and source of ideas

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by his own account “Philosopher in Chief”, is the creative eminence behind Forrest Cook. The inventor and source of ideas for the Waldforscher Kindergartens, this cosmopolitan, who is always on the go, stays mainly in the background and is happy to leave the big stage to those who are especially dear to him: our young people! The trained architect and psychoanalyst is himself the father of several children, and since he is passionate about his hobby of cooking, he of course knows how to give them the best meals. At the time he was setting up the Waldforscher Kindergartens, he realized that there was a tremendous need for action to ensure that our children receive organic, regional, and above all fresh foods. So he took charge himself once again – et voilà! A year after the opening of the first Waldforscher location came Forrest Cook – the Different Meals for Children.
„Good, healthy food for children can be produced solely in small and limited quantities. Mass production such as that found in institutional kitchens makes the quality of the food irrelevant.“

Forrest Cook

Forrest Cook, the source of ideas

040 32593774

is the actual founder of “Different Meals for Children”. His years of experience with fresh ingredients and his miles of strolling through many and varied food products from producers mean that Forrest was predestined as the obvious choice for his work at Forrest Cook. No one else can draw on such a massive storehouse of experience when nutrition using organic, regional, and seasonal ingredients is at stake. Solely his motor functions occasionally let him down a bit when he is cooking. His hooves have been spared so far. This has led Forrest to concentrate once again on his core skills, and he constantly shares ideas and thoughts with his Team. When Forrest is not strolling around on the lookout for fresh ingredients for the Cook family, he replenishes his mineral levels at the salt crystals of choice feeding spots or rubs his antlers on the trees of the Niendorf Preserve.
„We often find the best ingredients right at our front door – we simply have to keep our eyes and noses open“