Our small kitchens are located all over the entire city area, and they do not produce more than 500 meals a day each. The meals take the fastest routes from our pots and pans to the children’s tables, and the short holding times of no more than 20 minutes guarantee their freshness. Besides enabling this so-called “Cook & Serve”, this manageable number of city area kitchens allows us to devote our full attention to the valuable ingredients and, above all, to the children. Last, but not least, our homemade meals are served in unusually decorated dishware because “food must appeal to the eye”. No wonder the meals taste especially good and turn into an exciting adventure every single time.


Our children are our future, and they are simply entitled to a healthy diet. Thanks to our small operations, we are always in close proximity to them and can take into consideration their individual wishes and needs. Just like at home. That is also why we involve parents and caregivers in planning their diet. Otherwise, we cannot be sure of bringing a smile to children’s faces, our daily motivation and inspiration. We like to take our time, and besides our counseling, talks, and cooking courses together, we offer you expeditions along with your children to our suppliers – a very special experience for young and old alike.


We use only top quality products, without exception, when preparing the meals in our kitchens, and we personally ensure that this is always the case when making our daily purchases. In addition to their immaculate appearance, the origin of our food products is especially important to us. We look for products from regional and organic producers so that we support local operations and suppliers. This is one of the means by which we can ensure seasonal and transparent nutrition over the long term. It goes without saying that we do not use any additives or flavor enhancers at all during the preparation of the meals. Instead, we much prefer to use fresh herbs from our “vertical garden” that we have planted ourselves.